The Introduction of Ji An County

Ji An, also named Luling in ancient time, is located in central of Jiangxi Province. Ji An County occupies 2117 square kilometers, including 19 towns, 306 village committees and 22 community neighborhood committees, with a total population of 500,000.

Profound Culture
Set up in the 26th years of Emperor Qin Shihuang (221 BC), Luling is one of the first 18 ancient counties in Jiangxi. It has been changed name to Ji An since the 3rd year of Republic of China (1914). In fact, Ji An enjoys the reputation of “Prosperous County” "Golden Luling" and "State for civilization". In addition, it is also home to colorful festive lanterns. Ji An is famous for its profound culture. From Tang Dynasty to Qing, a number of people, who passed imperial exams, had been chosen for central government. Numerous philosophers, politicians, and men of literature, including some of the most celebrated poets in Chinese history, such as Wen Tianxiang,Zhou Bida,Liu Chenweng, were born here.

Brilliant History in Revolution
During the Revolutionary War, Ji An is an important part of the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base, as well as the center of the Gan Xinan revolutionary struggle. In Ji An, hundreds of thousands of workers and farmers had participated in revolution, making tremendous sacrifices to the Chinese revolution. Those contributors include 46 generals of the People’s Republic of China, such as Yu Qiuli, Xiao Dongwang, and more than 180 veterans of the division level or above in Red Army like Zeng Shan, and many other named or unnamed martyrs. Thus it is a famous revolutionary base area.


Friendly Ecological Environment
In Ji An, the fantastic nature scenery and beautiful manmade landscape are well combined. The quality of air is maintained above national II level. Besides, all major rivers within the county are kept on the national II standard. There are 6 parks in the county. As a matter of fact, there is a park within one thousand meters or a relaxing garden within five hundred meters. What’s more, the forest coverage rate reaches 63.2 percent. Accordingly, Ji An is honored as “Top 100 Forestation County”, “National Model Green County” and the “National Garden County”.

Location and Convenient Transportation
Ji An, the center of Ji Tai corridor, is a fundamental component of Great Ji An and it actively interacts with Jinggangshan National Economic and Technological Development Zone. Based on such circumstances, it basically forms the radiant framework of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone within 6-8 riding hours. In general, this circle occupies an airport (Jinggangshan Airport, 20 kilometers away from the county), a waterway (Gan River waterway), two railways (Beijing-Kowloon, Ji Heng), four high-speeds (big wide, Bukit, Thailand wells, Gillian).


Vigorous Development
Ji An County, following the general requirements of “Leader in Economic Development; Vanguard in the Social Construction; Model of Scientific Development ", insists on aim of "Leading in City, Being First in Province, Pioneering in Nationwide" and makes efforts to promote sustainable economic and social progress. It is rewarded as “National Civilized Town”, “National Garden County”, “National Model Green County”, the “Advanced Counties for National Social Security Comprehensive Management”, “National Grain Production Counties”, and “National Excellent Team for Supporting the Poor”. Besides, it has been the 1st in “Integrated Advanced Counties for Open Economy” in province and “Comprehensive Evaluation” in city for 5 consecutive years, while won the award of “Advanced Counties for New Rural Construction” in province for 6 consecutive years.


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